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Our Gif searching platform is designed to search multiple Gif image hosting sites to help you to find the perfect gif you are looking for from one single location.

Because we gather animated gifs from several networks you can also use our service as a gif comparison site, to see what the most common gifs are for any given search term.


We have set up our main application page to be a simple as possible. Type any keyword or search term into our search bar and hit enter.

Search Bar

We will then reach out to our list of gif search APIs and return all the gif results of your search request.

Each row of gifs is from a separate Gif API. Those APIs are currently provided by Tenor, GfyCat and Giphy. If a fourth row loads then those gifs will be from our own API, which is still new those it does not yet contain many Gifs.

When a row of gifs load you will be able to auto load more from any given API by scrolling right.

Virtual Scrolling

Popular Pills

Popular search words or terms may be given their own popular pill. Clicking on one of the popular pills will quick search the keyword or search term within the given pill.


You can find your share links by clicking on the Gifs Share Button This will give you a popup window with your available share options.

To share your search you can copy the page URL or enter your search keyword directly into the URL Eg: - which will search for stickers.


If you have a product or service that you would like to advertise on our site's ad banner then please feel free to contacts us on our Contact Form with the subject 'Advertising'.